The Danish Immigration Test

If a residence permit is to be extended, the applicant must have passed an oral test.

A residence permit is normally valid for seven months.

If a religious worker wishes to stay longer, the residence permit has to be extended. And for that to happen, the religious worker has to pass a test.

The test is called the Danish Immigration Test, which is an oral test. It takes about half an hour, and it is about the Danish language and about Danish society.

You have to pay a fee to take the test.

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Preparing for the test

It is a good idea to buy the Ministry for Immigration, Integration and Housing's preparation packet before the test.

The preparation packet consists of

  • an educational film
  • a recorded word list
  • 100 images from the film with information about Denmark and Danish society
  • two examples of the language test
  • test instructions.

Order the preparation packet here.


The film

The educational film ”Et liv i Danmark” (Life in Denmark) is about Denmark and Danish society. The film lasts about 1½ hour. It is recorded in Danish and 18 other languages.

A religious worker can therefore prepare for the test in languages other than Danish. But the test itself is in Danish.

The film can be seen in Danish and English on the web, and the packet can also be ordered by phone and email.

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