Other Religious Communities

About these Pages on Religious Communities

This section of the Ministry for Ecclesiatical Affairs’s website compiles useful information on Religious Communities in Denmark. It consists of short texts and links to more information.

Religious Freedom and Authorisation

Read about the requirements for authorisation, the application process as well as the freedom of religion and the Danish Constitution, which gives religious communities the right to practice in Denmark without an authorisation.

Marriage in Denmark

A religious worker can apply for permission to perform marriages. Read about how it is done, and the legal significance of being married to each other.

Residence Permit

A religious worker can apply for a residence permit in Denmark. Read about requirements, application, extension, short stays and the courses that must be taken.

Financial Affairs of Religious Communities

There are some rules that need to be followed in connection with fundraising and donations to a religious community.

Religious Places and Buildings

A religious community may wish to establish their own cemeteries or nursing homes. Read about possibilities of borrowing or renting facilities from the Danish State Church or your municipality.

Education for Religious Communities

A religious community is permitted to set up schools. You can also obtain grants for activities and for providing education for employees of the religious community.

Visiting the Sick and Prisoners

Patients in hospitals or prisoners may need to be visited by a representative of their religious community. Read about the special opportunities.

Contact for Religious Communities

Contact the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs if you have any questions. We are able to answer questions about authorisation of religious communities and applications of religious communities regarding authorisation to marry – otherwise, we can refer you to another authority.