Religious Freedom and Authorisation

Read about the requirements for authorisation, the application process as well as the freedom of religion and the Danish Constitution, which gives religious communities the right to practice in Denmark without an authorisation.

You can see an overview of the religious communities and 
congregations that have already been recognised and authorised in Denmark.

You can also read about what is required in order to be authorised and what documentation you need to submit with your application. There is a link to the form that you need to use when applying for authorisation.

It is not a requirement that the religious community has been authorised before you can practice it in Denmark. It does, however, have some advantages being authorised, for example the possibility of applying for the right to perform marriages, and it also provides certain tax advantages.

The Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs grants authorisations to religious communities and congregations in Denmark. Questions about tax benefits should be directed to SKAT.