About these Pages on Religious Communities

This section of the Ministry for Ecclesiatical Affairs’s website compiles useful information on Religious Communities in Denmark. It consists of short texts and links to more information.

These pages compile useful information for religious communities. Its purpose is to serve as a single point of entry to the Danish authorities for religious communities.




Short texts

These texts constitute brief introductions to a topic - they will not tell you everything. However, the links found on most pages will lead you to much more information on the different topics. This is also the place for finding out where to go for help if you have any questions.


Whom to contact?

As of the 28th of June 2015 the field of religious communities belongs to The Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs. The Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs is therefore the one to contact via these pages if you have any questions. However, the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs is only able to answer questions about matters that you find under the subject area of "Religious freedom and authorization" and “Cemeteries”. Should your question concern other matters, we can help you find a contact person at other authorities. But before you contact us, please try to find information and contact details via the links on individual pages.


These contents will be modified

These contents will be updated regularly on the basis of any feedback received by the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs.

If you have some ideas or you cannot find the information you need on specific topics, please feel free to write or call us.