Residence Permit and Entry into Denmark as a Religious Worker

A religious worker can apply for a residence and work permit in Denmark.

You must apply for a residence and work permit in Denmark if you are a religious worker.

Read more about residence permits for religious workers.

Application forms are available online or in paper form.

Find the application form.

The application form is available in Danish and English.

The form can also be obtained at Danish embassies in your home country, at the Danish Immigration Service's Citizen Service ('Borgerservice') and at some police stations.

The Danish Immigration Service's Citizen Service.

Find the police stations providing the form.


Staying for a short visit

A religious worker can also stay for short visits in Denmark (max. 90 days within a period of 180 days) if, for example, he/she wishes to participate in a religious event.

If he/she is a national of a country where you need a visa to come to Denmark, he/she must apply for a visa. Note that a visa does not allow you to work, including, for instance, delivering a sermon or preaching, unless immigration authorities have explicitly given you permission to do so.

See the list of countries that require a visa.

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How to apply