Legal Separation and Divorce in Denmark

A married couple can separate or divorce.

Spouses may separate or divorce, if either or both parties do not wish to continue living together.

If the parties do not agree to divorce, they can normally only be divorced after six months of separation.

If both parties agree to terminate their marriage, they can choose either to divorce without a separation or to separate first and then divorce.

The application for separation or divorce must be sent to the State Administration.

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Custody and visitation rights

If a couple are divorced and have children, the parties normally retain joint custody. If the parties disagree about custody, the court decides. An application for modification of custody must be submitted to the State Administration.

If the parties fail to reach an agreement on visitation, the State Administration can help by deciding on visitation rights.

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Division of property

When a couple is divorced, they must divide up their joint assets. This is called division of property.

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