A Religious Community's Application for Authority to Perform Marriages

A recognised or authorised religious community may submit an application for the right to perform marriages.

Religious workers from recognised and authorised religious communities may be allowed to marry couples (authority to perform marriages).

If a religious community has only a few members and a few weddings each year, you must apply for a permit for each wedding. If you have many weddings, you can apply for a permanent authorisation to perform marriages. This means that you do not have to apply for each individual wedding.

The Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs decides on your application. 

From April 1, 2017, religious workers who apply for the right to perform marriages within a recognized or authorized religious community have to follow a two day course on Danish family law, freedom and democracy. The course will be funded by user fees.

The time and place for the first course it not yet available. More information will be provided on the website of the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs.