Burials must take place in cemeteries belonging to the Danish State Church or approved by the Danish church minister.

Religious workers from religious communities outside of the Danish State Church are allowed to bury deceased members in cemeteries belonging to the Danish State Church. You need to contact the cemetery board and agree on how the burial should take place.


Requirements for own cemeteries

Religious communities may also be allowed to establish their own cemeteries. The Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs can allow religious communities to establish cemeteries. To obtain such a permit, you have to provide, among other things, assurance that the cemetery will be maintained.

Rules of board, supervision, usage and other conditions are to be set out in the statutes of the cemetery, that are to be affirmed by the Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs.

A religious community has to buy the land that it wants to use for burials. The religious community also has to operate and establish the cemetery.

It may also be a requirement that the municipality prepares a local development plan, and the location should be appropriate for burial. This means that the health authorities also have to review the application.

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