Religious Fundraising

Public fundraising campaigns must be notified.

In general, all fundraising activities must be notified to the Danish Fundraising Board. However, some organisations approved by the Tax Minister are allowed to carry out fundraising activities without notification. This does, however, require advance approval.

Fundraising taking place at indoor services or meetings does not have to be notified to the Danish Fundraising Board. However, it has to be the religious community itself or the meeting organiser who carries out the fundraising. Fundraising will therefore not be allowed to be carried out by other participants at the meeting on their own initiative.

This rule applies to all fundraising activities carried out by a religious community, irrespective of whether it is recognised or authorised as a religious community or not.

It is also a condition that the fundraising takes place only at the meeting. If the fundraising activities take place as part of a larger public gathering, the normal rules laid down in the Danish Act on fundraising, etc. apply.

Rules regarding fundraising are available on The Danish Fundraising Board's website.